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Clint Eastwood's Japanese Film - Letters from Iwo Jima Clint Eastwood Biography - Duration: 5 minutes, 4 seconds. Played by Ken Watanabe, Kuribayashi, who arrives on Iwo Jima with a pearl-handled Colt and fond memories of the years he spent in America before the war, is a dashing, cosmopolitan figure.

Ever since was released on DVD, even people with perfect eyesight have complained that the subtitles are printed almost unreadably small and move too fast — a serious liability considering the war drama is mostly in Japanese. The good news is that a full English dub is finally available, and the even better news is that it will air on AMC this tonight, April 26 at 8PM 7C. (.) If you’re the sort who turns up your nose at English-dubs keep reading: Many of the original Japanese actors have re-recorded their own dialogue, lending this version a unique flavor of authenticity — and sparing audiences from Hollywood-ized Japanese accents.

Most people will be satisfied just to have another chance to see this modern classic in a way that allows them to become thoroughly immersed in the story, instead of continually pausing and rewinding to keep up. The dub is smooth, the characterization is intact, and our eyes are free to drink in Eastwood’s grim vision of the final days of a legendary battle. For once, everyone wins. To hear Clint Eastwood discuss the need to make two separate films about the battle, watch this video.

Letter from iwo jima

Toyota mini vci driver. Clint Eastwood’s is breathtaking from first scene to last. Having just won the Best Picture Award from the National Board of Review, ' Letters' is on its way to winning the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. Set on the volcanic island of Iwo Jima over 40 days of fear and waiting for an American attack, we get brilliant and moving performances from some extremely talented Japanese actors. For those of you afraid to try your hand at subtitles, this one’s a good place to start. At the heart of this film is the dichotomy between defending what you believe in and dying for what your country demands you believe in. A beautiful piece of dialogue in the film comes when a Japanese character is asked if he would kill his American friend if battle ever broke out between their countries.


He explains that he would defend what he believes in. When asked further, 'You mean what your country believes in?' He replies, 'Aren’t they the same thing?'

It is dialogue like this running side by side with truly human performances that makes ' Letters' an instant gem. Not only do we get a beautiful, historically educational film, but we also get the chance to step outside of our spoiled American existence for two hours and visit 'the enemy' on their side of the tracks.

Clint Eastwood Iwo Jima Movie

Eastwood has proven himself once again! ' Letters From Iwo Jima' is now showing at the Regal Green Hills 16 cinema. Don’t miss it!

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