Toyota Mini Vci Driver


The mini VCI will read all the codes for most Toyota vehicles, and engine codes on most other manufacturers cars providing the OBD connector is the same. For those that use different connectors adapters are available cheaply. Free Download Toyota software driver. Warm Notice: Because there is no Toyota 22pin connector in this package,it can only support Toyota 16pin cars. MINI VCI Techstream Software Display: Xhorse MINI VCI cable Features. High performance with ARM cpu inside. High reliability of products using SMD chip, and certified by CE and FCC.

Thanks for the help! I have to look and see what the OS is on that Toughbook. My tablet has Windows 10, and my other computer at home home, of course. I am at work. Just found out this morning that on top of the other issues, I also now have a rear axle seal leaking.and that is going to be FUN to change.

Mini vci driver for toyota.msi

Mini Vci J2534 Driver Download

Explains why my ABS light, and my 4HI and 4LO lights are all flashing, as well as the VSC light. JUST replaced the rear driveshaft a couple of weeks ago after a catastrophic failure with that.ujoint let go and destroyed the driveshaft.

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