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Name of Series: Naruto, Genres:, Ranked: 46 / 1077 - Popularity: 7 / 1077 - Rating: 483 / 1077 Average Scores: 179 point / 1077 point (Calculate point based on ranks, ratings and popularity - Lower point mean better series) Number of Episodes: 220 - Release Years: 2002 - Age Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older Video Type Available: Mp4edge, Arkvid, Trollvid, Videoweed, Yourupload, Video44, Byzoo, (8 Total Mirror Links) Plot Summary: Naruto closely follows the life of a boy who is feared and detested by the villagers of the hidden leaf village of Konoha. The distrust of the boy has little to do with the boy himself, but it’s what’s inside him that causes anxiety. Long before Naruto came to be, a Kyuubi (demon fox) with great fury and power waged war taking many lives. The battle ensued for a long time until a man known as the Fourth Hokage, Yondaime, the strongest ninja in Konoha, fiercely fought the Kyuubi.

The fight was soon won by Yondaime as he sealed the evil demon in a human body. Thus the boy, Naruto, was born.

Naruto is a young shinobi with an incorrigible knack for mischief. He’s got a wild sense of humor, but Naruto is completely serious about his mission to be the world’s greatest ninja! Author/artist Masashi Kishimoto was born in 1974 in rural Okayama Prefecture, Japan. Silent, apathetic, yet mischievous, 14-year-old Rokujou Miharu is the bearer of the hijutsu, 'Shinrabanshou,' a powerful technique many ninja clans desire to possess to become the ruler of Nabari.

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As Naruto grows he decides to become the strongest ninja in Konoha in an effort to show everyone that he is not as they perceive him to be, but is a human being worthy of love and admiration. But the road to becoming Hokage, the title for the strongest ninja in Konoha, is a long and arduous one. It is a path filled with betrayal, pain, and loss; but with hard work, Naruto may achieve Hokage. Naruto Related:. Naruto Movies, OVA and Specials:. My Watch List Data: Naruto Ratings and Share.

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English dubbed can put adverse impact on an anime series if they are not good at English dubbing. With the way that anime express us in the native language, I’m 100% sure for the same in English if they come with the quality dubbing. Is one of the best ways to watch anime series if you can afford it. It gives you a lot of the user-friendly services which you love to join.

Thus, your problems with the dubbed anime can solve forever. For the 90s to 2000 earlier, anime dubbed known for the awkwardness in the performance and popularity. Especially, this awkwardness raises in western fandom. But now, it all changes in the sense of quality and craze for the anime dubbed due to western fandom and localize production house involvements. So, if you are the one who loves to watch English dubbed anime then, here is the best list for the same.

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