Microsoft Visio 2010 Professional

Microsoft Visio 2010 Professional
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Microsoft Visio 2010 is the latest version of diagramming software from Microsoft. It is a part of Microsoft Office 2010 and is not free. But you can view the drawings made in Visio 2010 with Visio Viewer 2010.If you only want to view the drawings made in Visio 2010, you can download the Visio Viewer 2010 for this purpose. Microsoft Visio Professional 2010 Features and Benefits. Simplify Complexity with a Diverse Set of Intuitive, Professional Diagramming Tools. With a dramatically improved user experience and intelligent drawing tools and templates, Visio 2010 makes every step in creating diagrams easier.

Which version of Visio ® 2010 is right for you? SKU Chooser/ Comparison Chart Visio Standard Visio Professional Visio Premium Key templates and shapes to jump-start your diagramming Brainstorming / mind maps X X X Cause and Effect / Ishikawa / Fishbone X X X Improved Cross-Functional Flowchart / Swim Lane X X X Organizational charts X X X Project Management diagrams including timelines and calendars, Gantt Chart and Pert Chart.

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Microsoft Visio 2010 Professional Sp2

X X X Building architecture and services diagrams including space, floor plan, electrical, plumbing, HVAC and more X X Detailed Network diagrams including Active directory services, and Rack servers. X X Engineering diagrams including electrical, chemical, mechanical and more. X X ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) diagram to define infrastructure technology requirements. X X Pivot Diagram to automatically create hierarchical diagrams that group and total your data for visual analysis and presentation.

X X Software and Database diagrams including UML and Website Map. X X Value Stream Maps X X Web site mapping and documentation including auto-generation of Web site maps. X X New Wireframe Diagram to create medium-fidelity wireframe diagrams for software application prototyping and design.

X X New & Advanced Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) template that contains BPMN shapes and intelligent rules. X New & Advanced SharePoint ® Workflow template that contain SharePoint workflow shapes and intelligent rules. X New & Advanced Six Sigma templates that contain Six Sigma shapes and intelligent rules. X Key features for intuitive navigation and easy diagramming New Auto Align & Space to align and position everything in the diagram or a selected area properly with a single click.

X X X New Containers to group related shapes logically and visually. X X X New Copy & Paste to paste copied shapes exactly where you want them on the page. X X X New Dynamic Grid to position shapes relative to one another more accurately and with minimal effort. X X X New Insert and delete shapes with automatic alignment and spacing. X X X New Live Preview to s ee how formatting options such as themes, alignment, and positioning will look before applying them. X X X New Microsoft ® Office Fluent user interface X X X New Page Auto Size to create larger diagrams with an expandable canvas that automatically resizes to adjust to your need. X X X New Quick Shapes Mini Toolbar to add your most common shapes with a single click, without leaving the drawing page.

X X X New Quick Shapes stencil which contains the shapes from each open stencil Quick Shapes area in one convenient view. X X X New Shapes Window that makes finding and selecting the shapes and stencils you want much easier. X X X New Status Bar that helps you quickly adjust zoom level, switch into full screen, or switch between open drawings. X X X New Themes Gallery to quickly create great-looking diagrams with pre-installed themes. X X X New Intelligent validation to find common diagramming errors or check for compliance with business rules. X New Subprocesses to break complex processes in diagrams into more manageable pieces for re-use and consistency. X Which version of Visio ® 2010 is right for you?

SKU Chooser/ Comparison Chart Visio Standard Visio Professional Visio Premium Dynamic, data-driven diagrams Automatic Data Linking to one or multiple data sources such as Microsoft ® Excel, Access, SQL, and SharePoint Services list. X X Automatic Data Refresh with the time intervals you define. X X Improved D ata Graphics to show real-time data right within the diagrams using vibrant colors, icons, symbols and data bars. X X New Data Legend to explain the meaning of data-linked Data Graphics.

Microsoft Visio 2010 Professional Download

X X Sharing with anyone, even those who don’t have Visio installed Static sharing of diagrams by saving as PDF, XPS or a web page. X X X New Real-Time sharing of dynamic, data-driven diagrams via a browser – using Visio Services and SharePoint ® 2010 integration. X X Integration with other products Improved Autodesk AutoCAD capabilities. X X X Microsoft ® Office integration through data import/export and embedding Visio diagrams in other documents. X X X Microsoft ® Office Excel ® integration to create Shape Reports about the properties and data stored in shapes. X X X Microsoft ® Office Outlook ® integration including “Import Outlook Data Wizard” to create Visio calendars.

Microsoft Visio 2010 Professional

X X X Microsoft ® Office Project ® integration with Visio Gantt charts and timelines. X X X Microsoft ® Visual Studio ® programming support, including Microsoft ®.NET.

X X X New Publish ing of diagrams to SharePoint Process Repository X X X Database modeling diagrams with reverse engineering of any Open Database Connectivity–compliant data source. X X New Visual mash-ups with Visio Services to create dashboards using real-time data, and other services in SharePoint ® Server 2010. X X New SharePoint ® Workflow import and export through Microsoft ® SharePoint ® Designer 2010. X Customization and extensibility New Connectivity API X X X New Fluent UI API including Command Bar and Ribbon API X X X Shape customization X X X New Structured Diagram API X X X XML Web services integration X X X Data-driven solution support API X X New Subprocess API X New Validation X.

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