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Contents. Plot Jai Shri Krishna tells the story of the Bhagavan Vishnu's, Shree Krishna. The story takes place in India, covering cities like Gokhul, Mathura, Hastinapur, and Dawaraka. It shows the different leelas, or stories, of Shree Krishna from his birth, childhood, teenage years, and time as prince of Mathura and prince of. The program touched on many different aspects of his life, through the retelling of the leelas, it is told that he was known as Makhan Chor (butter thief) and of his eternal friendship with Sudama as a good example of true friendship. Other aspects include some of his adventures, such as when he killed the demon queen Putana and tamed the venomous serpent.

What others are saying 'Royal Raas Night - Handpainted Art Painting - X' 'Buy Royal Love Of Their Highness Radha Krishna painting online - original museum quality artwork by Hariom Hitesh Singh, available at Gallerist. Jai Shri Krishna (English: Hail Lord Krishna) is an Indian drama television series produced by Sagar Pictures, which aired on Colors from 21 July 2008 to 15 September 2009. Actor Dhriti Bhatia played Krishna. Krishna Painting Tanjore Painting Krishna Krishna Krishna Love Jai Shree Krishna Radha Krishna Wallpaper Lord Krishna Wallpapers Radha Krishna Pictures Lord Krishna Images Forwards Beautiful painting of Krishna in Vrindavan.

Yet another amazing story was how as a little boy he showed the entire universe in his open mouth to his foster Mother,. As a he shared a divine relationship with. His dance with the (milkmaids) of became known as the. Later, when he became a fully grown man, the series tells about how he slayed his evil uncle, (although, in the actual tales, Krishna was much younger when he slayed his uncle – he may have been as young as 12 years old). After becoming a prince, married,. Krishna also married 16,100 maidens who were being held in captivity by the demon Narakasura. He did this to save their honor.

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Rihanna cheers official song. Krishna's wives are believed to be forms of the goddess, who is the consort of. In terms of family and friends, the series tells how Krishna was the cousin of and best friend of Arjuna.

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He was like a brother to and rescued her when she was insulted and almost assaulted by the Kauravs, who had unfairly won her, along with the rest of the Pandava's assets, in a wager. He imparted the knowledge of to motivate Arjuna, prior to the great battle of. The series portrays Lord Shree Krishna as the perfect son, husband, brother, friend, king and lover of many. The show followed every aspect of Lord Krishna's life up until Lord Krishna's teenage years. Cast Actor/Actress Role Krishna Krishna (Child) Krishna (Child) Radha (Child) Krishna (Young) Yashoda Maiya / Nandraniji Nand / Nandrai / Nandraiji Goddess Parvati Lord Vishnu Radha Rani Nitin Prabhat Balram Raj Premi Kans / Kongsho (Bengali) Chanur (Advisor and friend of kans) Yogesh Mahajan Marathi Vasudeva Ji Keshni (Wife Of Kans) Sumant Broadcast Tamil dubbed version aired on in from 20 April 2009 to 14 June 2010. Bengali dubbed version aired on from 8 February 2012 to 28 April 2013. A shortened version for kids also aired on in 2009.

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A new character of 'Grandmother' was added to narrate the series. References.

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