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In the Minecraft Free Download Full Version PC Game, There is freedom for you to harvest your imaginations and stylize the game as they have wanted. The main interesting thing about this game is, there is no proper mission to do. Nov 3, 2014 - Minecraft on PC isn't free, but there are ways that you can play Minecraft, or at least test it out, without having to pay a dime. I sampled a few. Aug 27, 2017  Thank you very much for your support please like and subscribe my video you are the best😄😃😃😃👌👍👌 _____ The password for all accounts is 123.

Finding Mods Mojang, 'Minecraft's' developer, does not have an official repository of game mods, so you have to locate mods on fan sites and forums. The two most popular sites hosting 'Minecraft' mods as of publication are Minecraft Forums and Planet Minecraft (see Resources). Search for the mod you want, and then download the mod file to your computer directly from these sites.

Opening 'Minecraft' Files To install 'Minecraft' mods, open them in a third-party compression program such as WinRAR or 7-Zip. Leaving that window open, press the 'Windows' key, type '%appdata%' (without quotes), and then press 'Enter.' Open the '.minecraft' folder, open 'versions,' and then open the folder for the version you want to mod. Right-click the file bearing only the version's number - not the file with the.json extension - and choose to open it with your compression program.

If you have not done this process before, you may need to click 'Open with.' And locate the program on your PC. Installing Mods In the 'Minecraft' file open in your compression program, you see a list of all the game's current data. Select the 'META-INF' folder, and then press 'Delete' to remove it. Without this step, the game will not launch with mods. Drag all the files from the mod file's compression window into the 'Minecraft' file's window to copy them into the game.

If the program warns you about overwriting existing files, click 'OK.' You can always re-download a clean copy of the game to remove your mods later. Some mods also need files placed in other locations, and include their own instructions to guide you through installation.


After copying the files, close all the open windows and launch the game as usual. Server Mods Most 'Minecraft' mods only work in the single player game. If you run a server, using CraftBukkit is the easiest way to install mods for all your users. CraftBukkit replaces the default 'Minecraft' server program entirely. You can mod CraftBukkit through plugins without needing to alter any files - simply place the plugin files in the 'plugins' directory of CraftBukkit and restart the server. Regular mods designed for single player 'Minecraft' will not work with CraftBukkit.

Warning 'Minecraft' mods only work on the specific version of 'Minecraft' they were created for, usually noted on the mod download page. Installing mods into the wrong version of the game will stop the game from working.

Advertisement HIM Easter Egg If you are on a foggy day, look closely. If you are lucky, you may see a person with default skin but with white eyes, dubbed by Notch, ',' or simply HIM.

You may even (most rare thing you can think of) find him in the Pocket Edition of Minecraft (the only mob). (but everybody knows that herobrine is fake and made by minecraft fans) Submitted by: truethat07 to Edge The Crouch controls whether you crouch or not. When crouched, your character will stick to an edge if you try to walk off. You simply can't fall when you do this. Submitted by: moosedog00 Duplication Glitch Follow these simple steps to duplicate in Minecraft. Step 1: Put item in your inventory.

Step 2: Drop item (More items dropped = more items duplicated). Step 3: Pause and click 'Save and Quit To Title'. Step 4: Play the world with dropped items. Step 5: Pick up items.

Step 6: Pause. Wait of the world to save. Step 7: Exit Minecraft. Step 8: Open Minecraft again. Step 9: Enjoy the duplicated items!

(Works with diamonds) Submitted by: platkin Quick Inventory Drop When taking the items out of your or, use SHIFT+LEFT CLICK to put the item, with all attached to it, into your inventory. Another way to do this quickly is to left click, then right click, and alternate, but this only works for tables.

Submitted by: awesome5928. Advertisement How to Get ' Achievement First make sure you have some Eyes of Ender. Then find a and find the teleporter. Put the eyes in and the portal will be activated.

Make sure you have a, bow with at least 100+. When you teleport there you will see tall towers. Go on top of them and destroy all of the pearl looking things. These heal the and getting rid of these is half the battle. Then unload on the dragon with your bow. When you defeat him he will fly up and explode. A teleporter will drop and you can go through it to the Credits and go back to your world.

Submitted by: halofreak231 Quick Switch to Survival Mode While in you can quickly switch to Survival by just pressing the B key on your keyboard. You can switch back by pressing B again.

Submitted by: atheist72 Bed Bomb When in, a powerful weapon is a bed. Place a bed down and try to use it. It will make a huge explosion. Submitted by: thegibbynator How to Get 'The End' Achievement Find a and be sure to have some Eyes of Ender with you, form the portal, go in with your best sword, and then defeat the Boss. You'll get an Achievement called The End.


How To Get Minecraft Free On Pc 2017

Submitted by: dylanmcferren. Advertisement Make a Snowman Ever wanted to see a snowman in Minecraft? Well, you can!

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These creatures are called Golems. AKA 'Snowmans.'

Here is how you can easily make one. If you have 1 and 2 snow, place a anywhere, and place another one on top of it. After placing the two snow blocks, add the pumpkin on the top. And then you've just made a /Snowman. Submitted by: dylanmcferren Break into the Void First, create a hole to the with a (You may need about 2 for this). Then, Place TNT on the top of the bedrock, all the way up to Layer 127.

Explode the TNT, and you've made a hole into the Void. Submitted by: dylanmcferren Easy Kill As of patch 1.8+, have become available/more common, and they drop Ender Pearls, which might have future use (none except now!). Just get their attention (put crosshairs on them), and trick them into falling into shallow. Endermen are killed by water, as well as the sun!

Submitted by: rilian108 Quick House Got all of your supplies on the first day, but you don't have time to make a house? Take a (3 X 2 Woods), mine a short tunnel into the, and place the door so monsters can't get in. All you have to do from there is expand and decorate (if you're interested.) You can also make an easy mine from this location! It doesn't look as nice, but it's affordable in terms of supplies like!) Submitted by: rilian108. Advertisement Free Put white wood and normal wood in the furnace you get. It's same as normal Coal.

Keyboard Shortcuts Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts you can use in Minecraft. F5 - Toggle view. F1 - While third person moves the view to the front of your character / While first person makes the /hand/etc dissapear, but NOT the landscape. F2 - Takes a screenshot.

F3 - This will bring up x,y, and z coordinates in the upper left-hand corner. X measures how far you move east or west, Y measures how high you are in the world, and Z measures how far you move north and south. F8 - Toggle Cinematic View. F10 - Full Screen Toggle Infinite Water Supply There are a lot of reasons that you'll want to have a of Water on your hands (fire, building, irritating friends, making a moat, etc.), but it can get really irritating having to run down to the every tie you want some. Follow this quick tutorial, and you can have a small, endlessly full pool of water wherever you want it!

How To Download Minecraft Free On Pc 2017

You'll need an Bucket and the ability to dig into the floor a little. Dig a 2 by Hole in the ground that is 1 square deep 2. Fill your bucket/s with water from the ocean or a lake. You only need 2 deposits, so taking 2 buckets is recommended. Bring the water back to your base and pour 1 Bucket in each corner of the square in the ground. If done correctly, you should have a still 2 by 2 pool of water. Every time you take a bucket and use it on any of the squares, the others refill it to fullness.

A simpler version by Ry: You will need 2 water buckets. Now dig a STRAIGHT line with 3 holes like this: If '=' equals a line, make this '. Dig 3 holes STRAIGHT and then put 1 water bucket in each end and then get the Water from the middle and the water well keep regening so the water is Infinite.


Inside Build a 3x3 block with leaves and make it 3 blocks high. Grab an ender pearl and throw the ender pearl near the line between the ground and the leaves. You should be able to go inside of the leaves Snowman's real head.

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