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How to unbrick your device ' Android is the community, which has a huge count of user all over the world. But most of them stay away from rooting and modding, because they don't need a bricked device.

Due to the less security, only some touches can make your expensive device into a paper weight. Here I am explaining some tutorials that may help you to unbrick your device. Anyway doing a hard reset before anything is a better idea. The first step is to enter to the recovery mode. It may vary devices to devices. I will explain it here.

XDA:DevDB Information GUiDE Unbrick Any Android (softbrick), Tool/Utility for the General Discussion Contributors Version Information Status: Alpha Created 2015-01-19 Last Updated 2015-01-25. HARD RESET Before my methods, doing a hard reset is a better idea. I will explain how to do it for various devices here. If you know how to do a factory reset, then skip this and try the other methods which i explained on the next postes. This method do not work in case your device bricked while flashing a rom. Copy the ZIP package you want to install in the same location where you keep ADB drivers ( adb.exe, AdbWinApi.dll, AdbWinUsbApi.dll etcetera ) it might be at SDK platform-tools 2. Make sure your device drivers are installed on the PC.

Aug 23, 2016 - Wipe Data and Re-flash a Custom ROM. Try this method if: You flashed a ROM and now Android won't boot. Disable Xposed Modules in Recovery. Try this method if: You get boot loops after installing a new Xposed module. Restore a Nandroid Backup. Flash a Factory Image. 36 comments Write a Comment. Follow our step by step guide how to unbrick your Kindle Fire Android tablet as painlessly as possible. How to Unbrick Your Amazon Kindle Fire. The best thing about this tool is that it.

If you're not enabled it, just install them. Reboot your device in recovery mode ( You can see an Android logo ) To get into recovery menu Hold down 'power' button first, followed quickly by 'volume up' button. If this doesn't works, check out the FAQ section for more combinations. Connect your device to PC 5. Use the volume up/down keys to select 'apply update from ADB' and then press power to select it 6. Open a command prompt on your PC - by pressing Shift + Right Click and choose command prompt.

( on the same folder ) or Open command prompt anywhere and type the following code. Recovery Mode Method This method is used, if the device has a recovery mode like CWM (clockworkmod ), TWRP ( Team win recovery project) etc. What you need??? - a bricked device having recovery mode - a rom ( in zip format ) designed for your device - patience 1. The first step is to enter to the recovery mode. It may vary devices to devices.

I will explain it here. Switch off / shut down your device. Press Volume up + volume down + home + power buttons simultaneously and wait for the boot logo. ( this combination is for Samsung devices. I explained more combinations on the FAQ section ) 2.

Move the rom into your extSdCard / SdCard / pendrive ( depending upon the device & type of recovery). Do a factory reset and wipe data cache & dalvic cache using the recovery mode. Choose install zip from SD card and select the rom package. Choose yes to conform it. After flashing, choose reboot. You successfully unbricked your device. Quote: b 1.

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Download and install Flash tool to your PC from the above link. Flash tool you downloaded isn't original Sony's flash tool. Original flash tool can't do this. Extract the downloaded firmware until you receive “.tft” file using any zip extractor. Anyway, download the firmware that only created for your device.

Power off your Xperia device. If it reboots, pull out thebatteryand wait 30 seconds. If your battery is non-removable, you have an option to force power off. Press Power + Volume Up keys to force shut down. If it does not work, try this too volume down + power Anyway do a little search on gopgle about how to do it. Open flash tool and click the lightning thunder button and select flash-mode. In firmware selection area, browse for the FTF firmware file.

Make sure that, “Wipe cache” & “Wipe User Data” options are ticked. Press OK” button to start flashing 8. Enable flash mode. Press and hold the Volume down key to enter to flash mode. If it doesn't work, press and hold the Back key instead. Now press and hold the flashmode key and connect your phone into the computer via USBcable. Note:- If he device suggests to disconnect phone from the PC, press back key to Ignore it, but don’t close it.

Wait a few seconds, it automatically closes. Wait for completing installation process. Disconnect and reboot the device. If the above combinations didn't work, just Google it about the recovery mode of your specific device. How can I choose an Update/rom package? Each devices has their on update packages. You cannot choose any customs other than rom packages created for your device.

Goto xda and select your device. There you can see a list of custom roms created for your device. For Samsung Galaxy S Duos =. If your device is not supported by xda and has no threads, Google is your master and findout the best firmware for your device. Anyway here I am listing some firmware providers. I am not advising any websites here, but just helping you to find it. samsung firmwares - xperia firmwares.

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