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Principal Figgins is a recurring character on Glee. He has appeared on the show since. He used to be the principal of and had been for 27 years.

John Krasinski

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He lost his position of being a principal for a short period of time during, with replacing him, but he returned to his job successfully. In, Sue took over his job once again due to her planting incriminating evidence in his office - pornography and gambling receipts. He was demoted to the position of school janitor. Prior to, he was hired as a part time barista at. He is portrayed.

The elevators are under maintenance and the office workers have to walk up the stairs, a situation everyone deems the 'Stairmageddon'. Exhausted after climbing the stairs, Stanley refuses to go back down in order to close a sale with one of their bigger clients.

Dwight is forced to shoot Stanley with a few bull tranquillizer darts to knock him out. Dwight and Clark then take a drugged Stanley on the sales call. Pam and Jim spend time talking with Nellie and Toby respectively about their marital troubles and couples counselling. Angela attends a press conference with the senator who outs himself as gay on television, and shocking both her and Oscar, reveals his relationship to his press secretary. Andy meets with talent agent Carla Fern. Everyone in the office is excited when international promos for the documentary surface, but are soon horrified to discover how much candid filming has taken place.


While everyone panics about their secrets being revealed, Pam reflects upon how much she and Jim have changed over the past nine years. Dwight makes Angela jealous when he starts dating a Brussels sprout farmer, who Clark suspects may be trying to lure Dwight into a scam. Andy battles rude comments on the Internet.

Meanwhile, Jim and Darryl have a big meeting with Major League baseball player, Ryan Howard, who pitches a bizarre sci-fi sports movie about himself. Erin checks the calendar and realizes that the office's annual Christmas party is today, but no one has made any plans for it.

Wanting a party everyone suggests ideas for a theme: tropical, topless, etc. Because there is no agreement Angela calls an emergency meeting of the Party Planning Committee. After careful consideration, they agree to proceed with Dwight's concept: a traditional Pennsylvania Dutch celebration where he appears as 'Saint Nicholas' rural German companion Belsnickel.'

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