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Download Pocket Tanks Deluxe Full Version Free With 295 Weapons Pack Size: 30MB UPDATED 2018 /9/MARCH. Description: Pocket Tanks is a 1-2 player computer game for Windows and Mac OS X, created by Blitwise Productions, developer of Super DX-Ball and Neon Wars. Adapted from Michael Welch's earlier Amiga game Scorched Tanks, this newer version features modified physics, dozens of weapons ranging from simple explosive shells to homing missiles, and the ability to move the tank.

Here in this post, you can download Pocket Tanks Deluxe game APK file new version v2.3.1 for all Android mobiles and tablets for free. Pocket Tanks Deluxe Free Download Full Version Latest - t.co/avit8G9aHF.

It supports several expansion packs. At the moment, players can have up to 230 different weapons total. Pocket Tanks is often abbreviated as PTanks. Please note file is actually stored on google drive. So there is no possibility of error in downloading.

And this file is stored on my own account. How to Play: Best with 2 players on the same computer at school or at work. Updated ON 1/01/2018 Windows 10 English x64.iso 4.03 GB download direct (google drive) creator update 1703.latest windows 10 x64. NEW LINK latest version fall creator 1709 update: Updated: 5 july 3 PM (IST) Link to the file link: Just goto to the following link and enter your email address and get the password delivered to you.

Password to the link is: OR USE THE FORM BELOW. Size: 4.03 GB Language: ENGLISH INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM:WINDOWS 10 x64 BASED. TYPE: DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK.ISO FILE TORRENT windows 10 creator update 1703/ 1709 iso FOR OTHER mirror 2 link and enter your email address you will get a email with link to the file.

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Pocket tanks latest version

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Calling all Worms Armageddon fans! Instead of worms, you get to deal with a cooler machine Tanks! This is a slightly mathematical game that requires you to adjust angles and power gauges before you launch attacks on your opponent! Developed by BlitWise Productions, LLC, this cute tanks game is a light-hearted mini game that can be played with the computer (1v1), or your friend (1v1), and even online like any other! Calibrate your moves and don’t miss a beat as you send bullets and blasts flying across the terrain! Choose from a wide selection of guns like the Worm, Jackhammer, Heatseeker, Cruiser, Drillers, Skipper and many more. Attack your opponent once you’ve located the sweet spot for the angle and power gauge for the perfect shot!

Join the tank army and destroy the opponent(s) before they destroy you Here are some of the game features we love! Multiple Game Modes for Maximum Fun There are many game modes for you to try this game out: One Player mode – which means you play against the computer in a 1v1 showdown, Two Player mode – you and a friend can take turns to annihilate each other on the same computer in a friendly 1v1 battle (it will get intense, don’t say we didn’t warn you), WiFi Lobby + Play Online – Battle real-time with players all over the world who are online already! Finally, we have Target Practice Mode. Unsure about what the combinations of angles and power gauges during gameplay?

Fret not, you get a safe target practice place here where you can practice all the moves before jumping into a battle with someone else! Customize Your Name, Tank, and Difficulty Level You can get to choose the color of the tank you want, key in a preferred gaming name, adjust your game difficulty level, then select your weapons! You’ve got over 20 weapons and more to choose from. There are also 5+ colors for you to “paint” your tank with!

Select the difficulty level that’s best suited to your level of playing. You don’t have to battle high-level opponents on the computer generated one because you can choose which difficulty level is best for you. Don’t feel so confident? It’s ok, you can play level 1 – 2 or 3. Enjoy Simple Terrain and Graphics The gameplay is relatively simple, and straightforward.

Pocket tanks latest version free download

Get your missiles over the terrain to land on the tank at the other side as accurately as you can. You won’t have much trouble with that, except for when some terrains have strange structures that stick out of the ground awkwardly tall and blocks your missile projectile. Try to demolish your opponent in as few moves as possible, that means, high damage each round! Make each attack shot count. You can even come up with an underground attack scheme with underground related weapons and bombs. Wide Weapon Cache There’s a large selection of weapons, over 100+ for you to choose from choose the ones you’re most comfortable with (and of course, land good damage). There are other weapons that help to do other uncommon things, like attacking from below, or removing terrain pieces etc.

Pocket Tanks Latest Version Free Download

See the landscape and plan your moves properly! There’s no time limit, so you can take your time to adjust the angle and power gauge, but don’t keep your opponent waiting too long, or they might just leave the game! XD Tips, tricks, cheats, and other news Set Up a Foolproof Defense Defense can be king. When you bury yourself 10 feet under, you practically have a safe place to defend yourself against all enemy attacks.

How do you do it? First, point your target angle to 270 degrees. Make sure your weapon is “Dirt Mover”, then fuel your power gauge to 100 power points. This should result in you being at the bottom of a “well”. You’re perpetually creating a trench/bunker for your tank to snugly settled in.

What if I don’t want to defend, but be on the offensive? After safely “burying” yourself underground, activate your Groundhog weapon, which is a great underground weapon that moves in a straight line when you launch it. So basically, unless your enemy has the same tactic, you are avoiding all attacks by your enemy and are able to attack them while being protected! Homing worm, Cauldron, and a few others are great attacks to use when underground. What if I don’t wanna be underground? Above ground, there are so many different types of weapons you can use.

Pocket Tanks Latest

Hail Storm, Ant Farm. We feel that combos, or combinations, are great. Here are some of the more powerful attack weapons that we feel would wipe out your opponent fast.

Pocket Tanks Latest 2018 Download For Pc

Porcupine (Close range, only though). Fire in the Hole (Buries your opponent under layers of dirt, lets you earn higher points and also damages your opponent badly). Firefly.

Spinner (Repeated damage on opponent). Supernova (Exploding star). Particle Bomb. Golden Bullet. Chaos Grenade Ready for some pocket tank action? Download and play Pocket Tanks on PC today!

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