100 Most Common Tagalog Words


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Getting to know some Tagalog or Filipino words is very helpful most especially to foreign travellers and tourists. Having these in handy will help you communicate better with Filipinos. Filipinos would also be very grateful if you can speak the Tagalog or Filipino Language. The information below can also be cnsidered as survival phrases and words or words that you want to say when talking to a Filipino. Most of the list are used on everyday conversations in life so they will surely com in handy if you memorize them.

100 Most Common Tagalog Words100 Most Common Tagalog Words

Filipino Words And Meanings

The most common Mandarin Chinese words, arranged by Pinyin spelling, part one - A B C. And although there are two orthographic systems that are in common use, the one based on Tagalog is more commonly found in publications. The general rule is one sound for each letter. However, the language, like all the Borneo-Philippine Languages, employ the digraph ng to represent an initial velar nasal consonant (the ng in English sing ). Vocabulary Flashcards Vocabulary Lists Word Bank Word of the Day Vietnamese Dictionary 100 Most Common Words 2000 Most Common Words Vietnamese Key Phrases. My Teacher My Teacher Messenger My Assessment Test. More Vietnamese Resources Mobile Apps Grammar Bank My Notes My Feed Blog Forum Help Center.

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